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Exceptional opportunities like the one presented by Jackson's Grant come around only once in a lifetime. This extraordinary development comprises seven distinct and meticulously crafted neighborhoods, showcasing a rich tapestry of home options that harmoniously blend into the meadows and rolling forests, intersected by the gentle meandering of Williams Creek.

Spanning an impressive 280 acres, Jackson's Grant is graced with native hardwood stands and boasts nearly a mile of pristine natural waterways. A commitment to preserving the environment is evident in the dedication to keeping intact the adjacent thirteen acres of wooded land, various woods preserves, and existing pathways. Alongside this, considerable lengths of the creek's banks will remain accessible for leisurely strolls and nature-inspired activities.

Thoughtful planning and adherence to architectural covenants ensure a seamless integration of the built environment with the natural surroundings. Innovative approaches, such as environmentally-friendly drainage systems designed to enhance rather than harm the ecosystem, are indicative of the development's commitment to sustainability. The concept also involves creating biospheres, gently undulating fields that encourage the gathering and gradual dispersion of stormwater, in place of traditional retention ponds. Every step of the way, the inherent beauty of the land is safeguarded.

Located between 116th and Clay Center Road, Jackson's Grant benefits from its proximity to a highly-rated school district, making it an ideal choice for families. Furthermore, the neighborhood offers unparalleled convenience, with a hospital, grocery store, and gas station just 5 minutes away, a shopping mall within a 10-minute drive, and easy access to the freeway in just 5 minutes. 

Nestled in the heart of Carmel, these homes enjoy a perfect location, harmonizing with the serene landscape of Jackson's Grant.


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